The true story behind the miracle of TITLETOWN

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Greenbay Press-Gazette: Cheesehead Bible new testament to Packers fans

The Cheesehead Bible is a literary tribute to an iconic culture.

WEAU TV: The Cheesehead Bible explores devotion of Packers faithful

It explains the history of the people who created the only fan-owned team in the NFL, touches on the legends of Lambeau, the mystique of Titletown and much more.

ESPN Peoria

It is a fun book about a unique fan base…you learn a lot about the Packers.

Chicagoland Sports Radio the part about Curly Lambeau and... how he was breathed into life... We’re loving what you’re offering.

ESPN Chicago: The Cheesehead Bible Give-a-way

Packers News: Produced by lifelong Bears fans, The Cheesehead Bible is a literary tribute to an iconic culture

Packed with ....unusual scriptures and ...vivid illustrations, ...[The Cheesehead Bible] is a literary tribute to the culture of cheeseheads and the team they unfailingly support.

Art Starr
Art Starr

Art Starr is the pen name for identical twins Pat and Terry Baker. Retired advertising art directors with careers spanning over 30 years, Pat honed his talents at Leo Burnett and as a freelance storyboard artist, while Terry served at Foote Cone and Belding and Leo Burnett.

The twins are lifelong Chicago Bears fans who credit their brief college gridiron careers to their lack of speed and shortness of stature, which earned them each several severe beatings at the hands of real football players. Their love of the game survived, and after discovering the miraculous history of the Green Bay Packers and realizing the deeper meaning of American football, they have also become Packer fans and wanna-be cheeseheads.